Customize Customize Customize (BIME Tips)

We are continuously rolling out updates and as a SaaS product as soon as they are available to one user, they are available to everyone. Hot on the heels of the version 4 release we have now released further updates particularly focusing on customization and design options in BIME dashboards. We have detailed some of the new design capabilities below:

• Dashboard: Apply a design theme to all widgets

Apply a color theme to your dashboard and completely transform the look and feel of a dashboard. In any of the 'edit widget border' menus, tick the 'apply to all widgets' box.

FOR EXAMPLE, on the dashboard to the left we applied the following settings to all the widgets:

- Border background color : light grey - Window background color : charcoal - Header font color : light grey - Font size : 14 - Hide border : yes - Hide header : no

+ we made the overall dashboard background charcoal

• Dashboard : Add depth

Add depth to your dashboard by layering the windows. BIME will automatically keep Z-order of the windows and save the order you left the dashboards. This gives you the possibility to overlay certain windows over others


FOR EXAMPLE, on the dashboard to the left we overlayed our Roland Garros 2012 visualizations over an image of the Roland Garros court.[/one_half] [one_half_last][/one_half_last]

• Customize what will be displayed in the tooltips box


[two_third_last]Users can now define the exact information which appears in the tooltips, the box that appears when you hover over a datapoint. Simply click the customization arrow at the top of any visualization and select "Edit ToolTips".[/two_third_last]

• Map: colorize data point by attribute + Add different rendering shapes (diamond, hexagon, square…)

[one_half]It is now possible to display attributes as well as measures in color on a Google map in BIME. Drag-and-drop the attribute you wish to display onto the color tab and admire the results. In the example to the right we have made "country" the color attribute as well as displaying visitor numbers per city. We have chosen the hexagon shape to display.[/one_half]


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