BIME releases version 4.5 - Meet the new UI

Meet the New UI

Each and every piece of the BIME UI has been optimized for clarity and usability. This effort affects almost every screen but some have been rebuilt from the ground up. For instance, we’ve rethought the way people create connections, to make this a much more streamlined experience and easier to update. Now you can create a data warehouse in the cloud, going from scratch to live in only four minutes.

The easiest way to import data in Google BigQuery We have expanded our suite of data storage options with the addition of Google BigQuery. The result is that now you can use Déjà Vu for caching small datasets, BimeDB for bigger datasets and full relational needs, and finally BigQuery for really Big Data. Dealing with data import in BigQuery through ETL or the REST API can be cumbersome at first so we are very happy to make it a one click process.

BIME OEM API The first version of the BIME API is out. It has a narrow focus: to allow 3rd party integration and OEM. Any service can now add a true Business intelligence module to its offering.

The documentation is here: and we built a sample RAILS application here:

NOT SO MINOR Features in V4.5 Big Data plan • Introducing the Big Data plan for Big Query and SAP HANA connections (more to come)

Data sources and datawarehouse-as-a-service • BigQuery custom SQL in the connection definition • Postgre Heroku support • SQL Server improvements with better type detection • SQL Azure support • SAP Hana improvements • A much improved query blender user interface and SQL designer • Numerous fixes on the Facebook insight API connector • Import to BimeDB works for any alphabets

Data Visualization • Ability to change the font size in the datagrid • Row selector positioning by index, value, always last, always first • Tons of improvements on heatmaps • Can generate missing elements for Time Axes, eg to ‘fill in’ periods without results. • Can display the sum of the pie chart at the center • Viewers can change visualizations from the dashboard • Multi line header in the grid visualization • Color of KPI visualization follows text color • Increase page size for BigQuery and RDBMS to 25 000 rows

Information sharing • PDF export compatibility with japanese characters • Decompose path has an option “None” to prevent decomposition on specified charts in your dashboards • Can style comments

Administration • List unused queries in the library • Bime Desktop is signed for Mac OS’s gatekeeper • “Update all” in scheduler to quickly update all your models at once

Contact us for an online demo and try it out for yourself with our 10 day free trial.