How to do analyses without SQL

When working with your database in BIME, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Every time you select a measure, attribute, or work with a filter this is translated as a SQL query to the database and the results are returned back to BIME as a beautiful visualization. It’s pretty neat and in this post I’ll outline the differences in using a SQL editor vs. working with your data in BIME.

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Is New York City safe?

Being lovers of all things data, it’s like Christmas morning whenever new open source data sets become publicly consumable. When New York City’s open data project recently updated its database with the happenings of “New York’s Finest”, we couldn’t wait to dig in. We were particularly curious about crime in the Big Apple and the measures the New York Police Department took, so into the data on major felony offenses from 2000-2014 and Stop, Question & Frisk records from 2015 we went. 

After downloading these data sets, we connected the files to BIME in just a couple minutes and here’s what we uncovered. 

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